A Healthy Family of Diversity

The Pantry

Our Pantry is open every Friday to help our Eastpointe residents get back on their feet.  We provide physical food and spiritual food for those in need.  If you are in need, give us a call at 586-778-2760 and press extension "2" to set up an appointment.  



- One family came to get food and chose to have the women pray.  She came back with the news that her husband got a great job making more money.

- Another woman was praying for housing and was blessed with a place to live.  She will be relocating to Bay City with a new place of her own.  


Mr Roy took the time to write a poem entitled "Ladies at the Food Bank":

Waiting at the food pantry, for some food to eat,

I filled out the paper work, and took a seat.

Watching the ladies, and see their smiles,

It's worth the drive, and all those miles.

They make you feel glad, and they are there for you,

They don't judge or look down, they just do.

You feel better, about why you are there,

They fill bags of food, because they care.

The smiles and love, puts a smile on your face,

They volunteer their time, and fill you with grace.

I look forward each month, and seeing their smiles,

The time and distance, and all those miles.

I forget my pain and emptiness, and why I am there,

They are real, full of love, and truly care.